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Alexandra Lepore
Master Esthetician


                Now located in historic pawtuxet village!!!
2162 Broad Street
 Cranston, R.I. 02905

The Brazilian Wax Queen
Tuesday-Thursday 9:30am-7pm
Friday 9:30am-2pm
Saturday 8:00am-2pm

I am currently taking new clients based on very limited availability.  
Evening and Saturday appointments are currently booked  out 6 weeks in advance.
Day appointments typically are booked out 4 weeks in advance,

I have been an Esthetician for 13 years, and I specialize in the Brazilian Bikini Wax (although I do offer a full menu of body waxing, skincare, and makeup). 

 You will literally be in the best hands possible! Feel free to check out my reviews on Yelp (some are under my name and others under The Brazilian Wax Queen). 

Salon & Day-Spa managers should send a request through the contact form for information regarding my Brazilian Wax training classes for staff.

ALL NEW BOOKINGS WILL REQUIRE A CREDIT CARD ON FILE TO RESERVE YOUR APPOINTMENT.  48 hour notice is required to reschedule or cancel!!!!

Instructions For Before Your Appointment

*You must have at least 14 days of regrowth in order to be waxed. If the hair is too short, the wax wont be able to grab the hair.  Please do not go by how "fast" you think your hair grows!!! 14 days gives us the length I need to avoid excessive TWEEZING.

* If I have to tweeze excessively because you didn't allow enough days of growth,  there is a $25 upcharge.
 * If you haven't shaved or trimmed in more than 4 months, you should either shave or trim the hair down and allow it to grow in for 14 days before you schedule. If I am unable to see the direction of the hair growth, this will be a more painful & longer procedure for the client- there will be a $25 upcharge.

Super Important Info Below!!!!
*Exfoliate 24 hrs before your waxing is scheduled to remove dead skin.
*Avoid caffeine the day of your appointment, as caffeine makes skin very sensitive.
*Take 2 Advil 45 minutes before your appointment helps to keep you comfortable.
*If you know that you have sensitive skin, taking an antihistamine 45 minutes before your wax will help to prevent a reaction.
*Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol during the 24 hours before your wax may result in bruising or bleeding.
*You cannot wax after any chemical treatments such as peels, bleaching, etc.
*It is not recommended that you wax within a few days or getting or ending your menstrual cycle as the skin is more fragile and may result in bruising, bleeding, or allergic reaction.

*Apply hydrocortisone to alleviate any redness or irritation.
*Avoid lotions and body washes with fragrance for 24hrs
*Do not work out for 24 hrs.
*Do not swim in the ocean or in chlorinated water for 24 hrs.
*An allergic reaction will look like red hives or small white pimples.  These are not pimples, they're an allergic reaction.  Continue to apply hydrocortisone cream and continue to take an antihistamine until the reaction subsides.

A Note On Bikini Wax Etiquette:
If you have not shaved or groomed your bikini area in over 4 months, please shave the entire area and allow the hair to grow in for 14 days.  In order to provide you with the quickest, least painful wax, the area needs to be manageable.  I appreciate your cooperation!!! There is a $25 upcharge if I have to trim down a clients bikini area before I am able to wax.

Please arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled start time.  Any client arriving 10 minutes past their appointment time will have to reschedule.

Clients are asked to cancel or reschedule appointments with at least 24 hour notice.  

No call/no show clients will not be allowed to reschedule.


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