You must have 14 days of regrowth since your last shave.

If it has been more than 2 months since your last shave/wax: Either trim down (1/4" - 1"), or shave completely and come in when there is at least 14 days of regrowth.

Exfoliate the night before.

Avoid caffeine before waxing.

Avoid alcohol before waxing.

Please remember to take 2 Aleve 45 minutes before your wax.

Take 2 antihistamine 45 minutes before your wax. (helps prevent a reaction)

DO NOT workout for 24 hours after waxing. (bacteria will cause a reaction)

Women tend to be more sensitive during their menstrual cycle. It is best to schedule a wax 2 days out from the start and end.

**Remember - Your pores are open after waxing - Please avoid products with heavy fragrance!**


*Credit card information is required to be on file to book first appointment*

48 hour cancellation policy. No call/no shows will be charged the full price of services booked.

10 minute late policy. We respect everyone's time and expect the same. Our clients are booked back to back.

Anyone arriving late will be asked to reschedule.