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Clients Who No Call No Show Are The Worst

And here's the thing. If the title of this post upsets you- then you have a problem. No call/no shows not only take money out of your service providers hand once, it actually does it TWICE. Because it means that the spot stays booked and another potential client who would've taken the spot has gone elsewhere. For someone who is highly in demand with clients booking out several weeks in advance, the likely hood that you prevented someone else from becoming a client is about 100%.

If I came and took $50 out of your paycheck next week when you showed up to work everyday, would you be ok with that? Imagine if this happened once a day for the 5 days you went into work everyday? Would you be ok being paid $250 less than you were expecting? Absolutely not, so why is it ok to do to someone else? Of course from time to time emergencies happen, but in my experience a person experiencing a real last minute emergency will text or call right away and apologize. It also doesn't happen 3 times in a row. Or even worse 5 times in a row. It begs the question- why even book the appointment to begin with if you had no intention of ever going?

I don't know why people do what they do, but it should be this simple; Client books appointment...client shows up to the appointment....service is completed...the end.

The same goes for rescheduling. If you need to reschedule then it needs to be done in a timely manner. Industry standard is 24 hrs. Anything less than that is not ok. This isn't something new or a crazy idea. This is literally the standard set in the world in general.

The fact that I even have to make a post about this is bananas, and it blows my mind. If you're the parent of teenagers or young adults, please be sure to explain these concepts to them before they get into the bad habits I've described here. Be sure to tell them that service providers and their time should be respected. If you yourself are one of the people described here I hope it sheds some light on why it's such a bad thing to do, and I hope it helps you stop doing it in the future. It's very very simple. Don't book anything you're not sure you want to go to and if you need to reschedule do it in a timely manner.

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