Dry Brush Much?

Updated: Jun 30

In all of my years doing what I do, the most effective thing I've come across to treat ingrown hairs isn't a cream or serum,,, it's a tool that's been around for centuries, called a Dry Brush. Now if you've ever heard of it in the past, you may know that you can actually dry brush your entire body. It came back into fashion a few years ago when we were on the hunt to banish cellulite. And while it does help to move lymph through your body and indeed help the appearance of cellulite, I found that when it comes to clearing up issues with ingrown hairs, the bristles of the dry brush work like magic.

It'a simple and effective (and cheap)!

After your wax you should wait 72 hours.

While your body and the brush are dry, you should begin in the crease of your thigh and work your way across the bikini area.

Remember to use a light hand- it should never be painful or cause irritation.

Then just shower as usual.

Dry brushing will not only exfoliate the area, it also helps to clear out any clogging trapped in your pores. If any hairs have come in and started to get ingrown, the coarseness of the bristles will break the skin, releasing the hair. One of the other benefits that I've noticed is that being consistent with your brushing is that old scarring will start to fade!

I've had clients who've struggled for years with ingrowns, and once I've had them start dry brushing consistently they've seen dramatic improvement within the first month. I know it sounds too simple to be effective- but sometimes that's all it takes!

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