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The Truth About "Razor BURN"

What a lot of women don't realize is that what they think is a breakout just from irritation from shaving is actually an ALLERGIC REACTION to the nickle in the razor itself! You'll also notice that you have a spot on your belly where the button from your jeans rubs on your belly ( just in case you're not convinced by the raw irritated situation you're already in). Severe reactions are actually really common, and women have no idea that whats actually going on! Over the years of constant irritation, many women end up with scarring and a serious issue with ingrown hairs. Waxing will help dramatically since the irritant (the nickle) will no longer be present.

To help clear up the damage that's been done by living with the constant irritation, the best course of action is to stop shaving, start waxing, and be consistent with your dry brushing routine! I know I probably sound a little crazy with all the dry brush talk, but it really is remarkably effective for so many issues. Did you know that it's literally been around for a few thousand years, and even Cleopatra was a fan? It helps to move lymph through the body, helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, the list goes on and on... Anyway, back to getting your bikini area in shape! Be sure to go easy on the products you use in this area- it really doesn't require a ton of chemical help. In fact, less is definitely more here. If you feel that your skin is more than just a little irritated and you have infected ingrown hairs, you may consider clearing up the infection with a round of antibiotics.

*Oh, one more thing! Make sure that when moisturizing your skin, you aren't using any heavy pore clogging products (biggest offender right now being coconut oil) because all those products will do is play host to some nasty bacteria.

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