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Sometimes Your Cystic Ingrowns Are A Bacterial Issue...Careful Who You Sleep With

There have been more than a few times in my career that I've seen this happen to a client. You're not new to waxing, you've done so for years and never had a problem with ingrown hairs. Suddenly you have not just one or two errant have clusters of cystic ingrown hairs. They're painful, but not as painful as the relationship that you know you need to end.

When your partner is having sex with other people and not washing thoroughly, they're transferring someone else's bacteria back to you. I'm not in any way saying that an unfaithful partner is the only way to end up with cystic ingrown hairs- but it's A WAY that they can happen, and they usually accompany a UTI that keeps coming back every time you have unprotected sex with them. This is one of those things that nobody talks about, and so many women go through months without putting 2+ 2 together. It's so important for women to know these things, and I'll be damned if my clients are walking around ignorantly thinking that it's something wrong with themselves,

The good news is that a round of antibiotics will quickly clear up the cysts, and you'll be back in business before you know it. It has nothing to do with you not being clean or not exfoliating enough, foreign bacteria will wreak havoc on your skin and on the ph of the vaginal canal. And it's not your fault- you deserve so much better!

*Remember, this isn't just a few errant ingrown hairs. The type of ingrown hairs I'm talking about are inside inflamed painful cysts, and often appear in clusters.

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