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When I'm Waxing, I'm Not Looking At Anything Else

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One of the rules we have in my treatment room is that apologizing for your body isn't allowed! A Brazilian Wax is definitely one of the most anxiety provoking services to have done, but there's something you should know.... I'm so focused on removing the hair from your area in the quickest, least painful way possible, I literally don't see anything else.

This includes how long your hair on your legs has gotten, or whether you have hemorrhoids, or stretchmarks. There's literally nothing left on the planet that can shock or make me look twice. I've had clients that I've waxed for over a decade who will randomly get a leg wax after years of doing just Brazilians and I'll realize that they have a giant thigh tattoo thats always been there- I just wasn't working in that area before, so I haven't noticed. Furthermore, the truth is that I just don't care. We all have busy lives and we're doing our best, so you never have to worry that I'm silently judging you. I promise that this is a judgement free zone!

Your Brazilian is a form a self care, and you never have to apologize for the state of anything else on your body! Promise!!!

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