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A Good Facial Will Leave You Comatose & Glowing

An interesting thing has happened over the past 2.5 years. We've spent unprecedented amounts of time staring at ourselves on computer screens. Thus causing the skincare industry to absolutely explode with new products and procedures. So why have Facials failed to get the kind of hype they deserve? Well, to be honest, it's sad to say, but it's all in the way your Esthetician was trained...and things changed dramatically about 15 years ago. And not for the better.

For years the emphasis of any good facial was on the facial massage technique. Your time spent in Esthetics School was spent learning and perfecting a specific series of massage movements. Product knowledge is key, but the results a proper facial massage will yield a glow and immediate tone that no product can on its own. A proper facial massage will reduce swelling, tone , and brighten- even without the use of strong products. The combination of proper massage and today's incredible products, and you'll see phenomenal results. So what happened? A certain skincare company came along & decided to open a school for Esthetics. They also decided that they wanted their products to be the stars of any Facial, and so they basically omitted the Facial Massage altogether!

In a proper old school "European Style" Facial, each product is applied using massage. Even the application of the product is done using massage. You're wrapped warmly in cozy blankets, relaxing music plays in the background, and your Esthetician begins by expertly applying your first of two cleanses using beautiful long strokes, starting at your decollete, up your neck, over your cheeks, and around your eyes. Typically there are two different cleanses, the first is a shorter one designed to remove makeup and then a second longer cleanse, designed to reduce swelling and puffiness around your eyes and cheeks. Your exfoliation may be done in conjunction with steam from a facial steamer, or some Estheticians prefer to use steam towels. Either way, the goal is to open pores and loosen up clogging in the pores. I've actually removed clogging from a clients face that I'd always thought were freckles-upon a good cleanse, steam, and extractions- was shocked that they were blackheads and clogging! Imagine what damage is done carrying that stuff around in your pores or years? This is exactly what starts to break your skin down at the cellular level causing

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