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Alleviate The East Coast Winter Blues.. A Brazilian & Airbrush Tan=Feeling Like A Winter Goddess

The Fall in New England is beautiful, but it's really short lived and our Winter/ Spring season has become longer and wetter than ever before. The result is a good 6 months of gray weather and low levels of Vitamin D. It's no surprise that seasonal depression affects almost everyone who lives here, since prolonged periods of low Vitamin D will lead to depression & respiratory issues. Tanning beds are too dangerous to entertain, so the best course of action is to take a Vitamin D supplement daily, and get yourself on a nice airbrush tanning schedule.

Long gone are the days when airbrush tanning made you look like a giant orange monster. The formulas today are beautiful and can give you the lightest hint of gentle glow to a deeply bronzed goddess. My favorite combination is a Fresh Brazilian Wax, mani/pedi, and airbrush tan. You feel good when you look good, and trust me- half way through a never ending New England Winter you'll need the pick me up!

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that there's an order in which these services needs to be done to avoid ruining your tan (since waxing exfoliates the top layer of skin & a mani/pedi comes with some exfoliating as well). You should have your wax and mani/pedi day first, and schedule your Brazilian Wax for two days after. This allows enough time so that the tan formula wont overdevelop due to the skin being too newly exfoliated. I find that I just feel really put together and that little bit of color means I can get away with less makeup. I love a quick under eye concealer, bronzer/blush, gloss, and mascara (or even better if my sensitive eyes can take lash extensions and I have those on, I get to skip the mascara. I have notoriously sensitive eyes so I sometimes have to go sans extensions).

***It's a good idea to have your doctor check your Vitamin D levels when you're in for your annual- just so you know how aggressive you need to be with your supplements. A few years ago I was exhausted all the time, gaining weight even though I worked out constantly and ate well, suffered from constant respiratory infections, and was depressed. I went in to see my doctor thinking it was a thyroid issue, and she checked my Vit. D levels,,,, they were at 7. The normal range for adults is 20-100. When I did more research, I discovered that when you go for extensive periods of time with severely low levels, all of the symptoms I had were the result! It was a huge weight off my shoulders because I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong and it was a Vitamin Deficiency! I did a prescription ultra high dose for a few weeks and then started a daily regimen and felt like a new person within a few weeks. So be sure to have a proper workup done at your next annual exam!!!

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