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Are You Ready For Your First Brazilian?

Ready or not! If you've been going back and forth trying to decide whether or not to finally get your first Brazilian Wax, make sure that at the very least- you've done your prep! There are two types of first time Brazilian Wax Clients. Those who wake up and just decide to go for it without preparing (this usually doesn't end well for them) and then those who do their research and make sure they're going to the best person & also make sure they're 100% ready as far as the prep goes.

Prep? Yes.

A Brazilian Wax is the most difficult wax to perform, and it's also in the most sensitive area on your body. This means that going to someone who isn't experienced enough, or going in without your hair and skin properly prepared is going to end badly for that client. I have a prep list for new clients to follow so that their waxing experience is as comfortable possible...and it shows when they don't follow it! It blows my mind that clients (who usually know they don't have a super high pain tolerance btw) wake up and just decide to get a Brazilian. Usually my schedule is booked out several weeks in advance, but on the off chance they're able to score a last minute opening, they end up on the table with;

  • Overgrown Hair

  • Skin Not Exfoliated

  • Caffeine In Their System

  • No Pain Reliever

  • No Antihistamine

  • Possibly hungover from the night before (alcohol in your system is never good before a wax=a bruised and bloody mess)

All of these things have a major impact on the pain level you experience when even one of them isn't addressed- let alone all of them. It's the difference between a client being able to have a casual conversation during the wax and at the end telling me that it wasn't at all what they thought it would be like OR the client sweating and shaking uncontrollably while they keep checking to see if their skin has been torn off. Btw- the skin not being properly exfoliated is what makes the wax sting WAYYYYY more than it does if that dry, dead skin isn't being pulled off. A quick little dry brush sesh 24 hours before completely changes this.

I have all of the before wax prep listed in detail on my website, or an abbreviated version in the Highlights section of my IG @the_wax_queen_alex. So do yourself a favor- even if you've been waxing for years elsewhere, and read up on the proper way to prep before your Brazilian!

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