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Beauty At 40- You Should Know Your Way Around Botox Babe...

So back when I was 27 I realized that there was something strange going on with my brows... they didn't arch the way they had. How was it possible that my brows suddenly had a different shape? Initially I tried thinning them out, attempting to reshape them that way. Nothing worked. This went on for several months and then it happened...

I was on the phone with a friend of mine and was looking through my wallet for something when my license picture caught my eye. I held it up to get a good look at my face and it was as clear as day. My brows weren't shaped differently. They were located in a different spot on my face altogether! My brow had stared falling.

After a little bit of a break down, my friend assured me that all I needed was a little Botox, and she was actually on her way that afternoon. It took literally zero time to convince me that I needed to go, and within minutes I was on my way to meet her. (Let this be a lesson to everyone who refuses to wear their glasses when they should) Over the years of not wearing my glasses and having to squint all of the time, I ended up causing my brow to let go prematurely, My brow was literally falling, I had two options; get a brow lift (mmmm. seemed excessive for 27) or get a little Botox.

Botox is one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures, it's quick and virtually pain free. Most injectors use baby needles, so you barely feel it at all. The good thing about it is that it really isn't going to break the bank, we all know how expensive it gets buying all these crazy creams- it adds up and it's not guaranteed to work. Botox is priced by "unit" depending on who you go to you can expect to pay $10-$15 per unit. Take into consideration that at $10 a unit you're basically paying what the injector themselves pays for the product, so either they're using the Botox as a loss leader (luring you in with cheap pricing to hopefully upsell you with more procedures) or they may be new and trying to build a clientele.

Each person is different so the amount you'll need will depend on how severe your lines are. I personally do from my crows feet, a few minor lines on my forehead and also have a tiny bit injected to help arch my brows, so I'm usually somewhere around 42 units. When I first started getting just my brow lifted a little, I was around 20 units. The effects of Botox will take 2 weeks to see the full effect, but you'll start to feel and see a little difference right away. Gone are the days where injectors used so much product that their clients looked frozen, instead, these days a more natural result is the trend. So you have some movement, but your lines are erased. Now remember, Botox freezes the muscle- it doesn't add volume. If you have lost volume in you under eye area or your laugh lines have gotten very deep, or say you want to add some volume to your lips, you'll want to look into filler (Juvaderm is an example of a filler).

When it comes to finding a good injector you want to do your research! Ask around, use social media- you want to make sure you're going to someone who does injectables all the time and not just here and there. In some states Estheticians are able to administer injectibles, but in most states you need to be an RN, PA, NP, or MD. Remember that just because someone is a great surgeon, it doesn't mean that he or she will be great at injectibles (they spend their day doing surgeries, so they may not have a ton of practice). You want to go to whoever has been doing it with the most frequency and keeps up to date on new techniques. The person I see is constantly going to workshops and lets us see what he's up to by utilizing social media (he's an RN currently back in school to get his NP). I love knowing that he's up to date with the newest and best ways of using filler and Botox!

The best thing is that you will look like the best version of yourself. We all get that tired, run down look to our faces after 35. So it's amazing to have these tools to use... I remember after getting my Botox done for the first time, my mom commented on how good I looked. I had been looking a little tired according to her. Lol. Starting with my Botox early has helped me save money because I never allowed lines to set in, so I just never developed any, and now I only need to have my Botox done 2-3 times a year. I started adding filler in a few years ago, here and there where I think I need a little help, and couldn't be happier with the way I look. Should you have filler done and not love it, you can also have it dissolved- so it's not like you need to stay stuck with it if it's not for you.

When you go in and see your injector you want to make sure that you're paying per unit for Botox and not by area (scammy- how are you and a 20 year old getting the same amount of Botox in the forehead??) And your filler should be charged by syringe. I trust my injector completely so I usually tell him to do whatever he thinks we need to do, and he ALWAYS checks with me to make sure I'm comfortable with the price point. He also tells me when he thinks something isn't right for me, and he never tries to upsell me. I respect him so much for that, but he recognizes that he's working with peoples insecurities and it would be unethical to take advantage of that. So THAT'S

the type of person you want to go to. Yes, you want to see their work on social media, and you want to go to someone who has a great reputation- but beware of anyone who is all about the gram & not so much about their clients well being!

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