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Before Brazilian Check List!

  1. Make sure that you have the proper hair length. More than 3 months of growth? *Check to see what the scheduling situation is like. Can you get into the place you're going last minute? Or do you need to plan well in advance? If there's a wait, book your appointment, and then simply shave or buzz down 14 days before the appointment date. THIS IS JUST FOR YOUR FIRST WAX, YOUR NORMAL WAXING SCHEDULE WILL BE EVERY 4-5 WEEKS.

  2. The night before your appointment, be sure to exfoliate properly using a dry brush. Your body and brush should both be dry, and you should use a fairly light pressure, brushing up.

  3. Make sure that the area is properly moisturized! Skin is skin! You don't want the skin to be dry- it'll just make the wax stick more!

  4. Please don't have any alcohol in your bloodstream! Alcohol thins your blood, and this will make you more susceptible to bleeding or bruising.

  5. Caffeine will make your skin very sensitive. You'll notice that having it in your system will make the waxing sting more.

  6. If you already know that you have sensitive skin or reactive skin you can take an antihistamine like Claritin 45 minutes before your appointment to help prevent a reaction from happening.

  7. Are you taking any antibiotics that tell you to stay out of the sun? This may be a sign that you could end up with a burn after waxing. Google the antibiotic to see if waxing is a contraindication.

  8. 9 MONTHS PREGNANT IS NOT THE TIME TO GET A FIRST TIME BRAZILIAN WAX- waxing is painful on a good day, you don't want to add increased bloodflow and swollen genitals to that situation. Either wax from day one or just wait till after baby arrives!

  9. Coming in with less than 14 days of growth will only result in your wax not being smooth, taking longer because I have to go in tiny sections, and having a ton of tweezing done afterwards. I promise you that you aren't the exception to the rule.

  10. Take 2 Aleve 45 minutes before your appointment! Seriously, set an alert and get the 45-50 minutes in after taking them. I know we take pain relievers all the time and don't realize how powerful over the counter ones are, but trust me, they totally take the edge off with Brazilian Waxing!

These are my tips for giving yourself the gift of a near painless Brazilian Wax!

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