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Brazilian Wax 101

Have you always wanted to get a Brazilian Wax but just been too afraid to go through with it? I hear from people all the time that they waited YEARS before giving it a try and they always tell me it wasn't nearly what they thought it would be. Here are some of the most common reasons I've heard, and why you shouldn't let them hold you back!

  • "I'm too big..."

This is the hardest and saddest thing that I hear. As a woman who has often struggled with my weight over the years, I completely understand why it can be so scary to come in and have a service that requires you to be nude from the waist down done. Here's the thing; all of us are entitled to take care of ourselves, and enjoy a little extra self care. I've had children myself, and I'm fully aware of the toll it takes on our bodies. I understand how scary the thought of anyone seeing you in the nude can be, but I can assure you that I'm laser focused on the hair I need to remove and the fastest way to do that.

  • "I'm too old...."

There's no age limit when it comes to Brazilians! We all know that our eyesight isn't what it used to be, so let's face it, it's kind of also a safer way to take care of your grooming. Age is just a number, and these days, the decades aren't what they used to be. Women are dating, traveling, living full lives, so why shouldn't a bikini waxing regimen be one of the things you enjoy? Remember, a Brazilian doesn't have to be EVERYTHING- you can always choose to leave a little somehting up top. A triangle, or a landing strip are the two most popular choices, with everything else gone from front to back! Trust me, it's not worth it to risk you life shaving in the shower every few days!

  • 'I'm Not Dating Anyone..."

Well let me be the one to let the secret out of the bag... The majority of my clients are waxing solely for themselves. Maybe there's a partner around who appreciates it, but the main reason women wax is because they like the way it looks and the nice neat way it grows back in. It's nice to keep yourself trim and attractive, even if it's for your eyes only. I don't know about you, but when I've been in a dating slump- I take pride in looking a little extra sexy under my clothes. There's just something empowering about the feel of beautiful lingerie against the skin. Being waxed just takes that to the next level. So trust me, we wax because we are badass, beautiful, desirable women.

The thing is, we all have the same fears, we all have the same things running through our heads that make us self conscious. It's all in your head though. You deserve to be able to take care of yourself, and you shouldn't have to worry that you'll be judged for coming in and having a service done. I am so sorry if anyone has ever made you feel bad for the way you look when you've gone in to have a service performed. I can promise you that you'll never have that experience when you come to see me. I truly want everyone who walks in that door to feel like they're part of my family, and I hope that's exactly the way you feel after coming to see me!

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