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Brazilians Boost Confidence In The Bedroom

One of the first things clients say to me after their first wax is how much it actually didn't hurt, and that isn't where the surprise ends- wait till they take it for a spin in the bedroom! The thing that a lot of women don't realize is how uncomfortable the stubble from shaving can be for their partner. Since they don't know any better, it's just one of those things that people live with. But like they say, "When you know better, you do better!"

Shaving causes hair to grow back in with a blunt edge, which makes it feel prickly and not very welcoming at all. Waxing eliminates this altogether; the hair grows in laying flat. The result is smooth, soft skin- and a much more confident woman. There's just something empowering about walking into the bedroom knowing you're at your best. Most partners aren't exactly sure what the difference is, but they know something is different- and they like it. Just think of how uncomfortable it is if you've ever kissed a man with a beard before?? Same goes for down there my love!

Once you tap into this new level of confidence in the boudoir, things are most definitely going to change for the better on your world. Among the other magnificent things that a Brazilian will do for your life- making you into a sex positive and confident woman is by far my most favorite result!

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