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Craziest Story I've Heard From A Client...

Hmmm... well there are several that come to mind, but lets talk about the two best friends that had a tradition when it came to their vacations. They did a yearly girls trip to different places and at each stop they would commemorate the occasion with a Brazilian Wax. One of these trips they were in Washington at a very well known waxing salon. All the reviews raved about this place and they were so excited to go get their waxes done.

What ensued has left my soul scarred.

The two best friends arrived at the salon which was very posh, greeted with complimentary champagne, the whole nine. Once in the treatment room, things started to get super weird. I have to interject at this point of the story that these two women are women of color and they specifically chose the salon they went to because it was Black Owned. This makes what happens next even more appalling.

Remember, this place had tons of amazing reviews with people claiming that their Brazilian Waxes were life changing.... I know where your brain has gone at this point, and let me tell you, I wish I was about to tell you about a happier ending than anticipated. Alas.

The Esthetician laid the first few strips of wax, and the client thought to herself that they must be using hard wax (remember, they've been waxing for several years at this point, and have had both the hard and soft style wax). Then the Esthetician pulls out a roll of DUCT TAPE.

For the life of me, I don't know why these women let this happen to themselves! They allowed the entire service to be done this way. Duct tape has zero place in the treatment room, especially being used in your most sensitive area! The adhesive being used on top of the wax removed way more skin than it should've and when they left (after paying a heafty service fee) they were so swollen and bruised- they had to go ICE themselves back at the hotel they were staying at! They couldn't walk right for days, and quite honestly they were lucky that they didn't end up with an infection. Can you imagine how badly that must've stung??? I have absolutely no words. Their poor vaginas!

A few years after they had this experience, they found themselves on another Bestie Getaway in Rhode Island. After looking online, they found me (lucky them!) and they came in to see me on a Saturday in July. We had the best time, them telling me about their various adventures and my mouth absolutely hanging open after sharing this story with me. It was an absolute pleasure to meet them, and I always think of them when summer rolls around again.... I hope they're still doing their trips- and I hope they've never had another experience like the Duct Tape!

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