Do Women Wax After 50? Ummm...Hell YEAH!

There comes a point in every womans life when she starts wondering... Do women my age do this? The "this" we're referring to in this case is the BRAZILIAN WAX & the answer is YES!

You're dating, you're traveling, you're still a vivacious woman who deserves some much needed self care. If there were ever a time to make sure that you keep up with your monthly maintenance it's now! I see clients of all ages, and women can continue to wax well into their 60's, and even a few into their 70's! After all- as one of my more mature clients put it- "Who the fuck wants to see gray pussy hair when they're down there?" And lets face it, you can't beat that argument!

I WILL give you this advice though, there will come a time when your skin will become too thin to safely do a full BRAZILIAN. Certain medications can also contribute to the thinning of the skin here, but once it's too thin, we have to switch to a modified wax. You never want to risk causing a burn in your most sensitive area!

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