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Do You Know Your Skin Type?

One of the first things that you learn in school for Esthetics is how to identify what skin type your client has. At the beginning of each facial we assess your skin so that we're sure that we're treating your skin with the best products for you specifically. If you've never had your skin professionally analyzed then here are the characterisitcs for each type- now you'll be able to choose the right ones!

I look fine lines, deep wrinkles, elasticity, tone, texture, breakouts, dry patches, oily areas, is it dehydrated, is it dry? If acne is present, what level it is ( minor breakout-cystic), all of these things are taken into consideraton. Remember, the goal is for your skin to be balanced and normal. If there are any conditions present we'll work on getting that under control. I also look to see if there are any moles or lesions on the skin that could be problematic.

*** I'll refer you to a dermatologist or your primary care doctor if I think there's anything that needs to be biopsied. I've helped several clients find and treat skin cancer early over the years- earlier detection is key! Remember anything with uneven jagged edges or anything that has recently changed shape needs to be looked at.

Dry Skin

Tight, Rough Texture, No Visible Pores, No Breakouts

Oil Skin

Large Pores, Oily Patches, Rough Texture, Few Lines, Acne Prone, Clogged Pores, Makeup Wears Away By The End Of The Day From Oil

Combination Skin

There Are Both Dry And Oily Areas, Usually Oily T-Zone, Few Pores Visible, Few Breakouts

Normal Skin

Skin Is Free From Most Blemishes, Soft Texture, Few Visible Pores, No Breakouts, Skin Feels Balanced

As far as choosing a skin cleanser I tell clients that you don't have to use anything that's super expensive! As long as you're using something for your skin type! If your cleanser makes your skin feel tight after using it, it's too harsh for your skin, and the rest of the products you use wont penetrate properly. I know that many clients feel that tightness and feel like it feels "clean" but what you want to feel after washing your face is soft, balanced, moisturized (but not greasy), and fresh. Toner is spritzed on the skin after your wash to help correct the skins Ph balance- with the advance of skincare we don't always need this step anymore, but if you still haven't found exactly the right product, then a toner will help.

Next comes your serums. Serums are highly concentrated and deliver a huge bang for your buck-- the advances we've made in the delivery systems for skincare over the past two or three years is incredible. I wont get super nerdy with you, but the stuff we can do with science is out of this world!! We see results within a few days now when they used to take months! We're living in the golden age of skincare right now! Serums can be layered in any order, as long as they're water based. Serums that are oil based must go on last, as the water based ones can't penetrate them. If you know me at all, you've heard me talk about Vitamin C serum, and how imp9ortant it is to repairing your skin it is! It really is extremely powerful and can actually reverse the signs of aging- again, now that we have such incredible delivery systems, we can treat issues more effectively. Vitamin C repairs cells and helps stop the breakdown (visible aging) of your skin. It lends an electron where one has been ripped away by free radicals (caused by toxins, pollutants). If you're over 25 you should add this into your routine= again, I don't care if it's expensive, it just needs to be in your arsenal.

I would be remiss if I didn't remind you to wear your sunscreen every day! It needs to be at least SPF30 and should be reapplied every 2 hours. Sunscreen blocks the harmful dangerous rays from the sun. There are tons of new options available in easy to apply sprays. Sunscreen is the cheapest and most effective product you can use. Use it diligently daily and you'll see a huge difference in a few years vs. what your friends who don't use it will look like. You'll notice they'll lose elasticity in their skin, they'll have deeper lines, and the discoloration of their skin will be much more visible. "

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