Double Dipping & No Gloves??? Run Girl Run!!!

When you're looking for a place to go to get your first Brazilian Wax there are a few things that are nonnegotiable. DOUBLE DIPPING & NO GLOVES= RUN!

The most important thing here is that you're safe! What the hell does Double Dipping even mean? We're talking about the waxing stick being used during your service to apply the wax. Every time the wax is applied to the skin a new waxing stick should be used in the bikini area. If not, the bacteria from the client is transferred from her body into the waxing pot. If the provider is doing this for each client, you can imagine the bacterial soup that's being brewed up and then transferred over to each subsequent client! This means that there could potentially be an STI present and that STI could be transferred to unsuspecting clients. I've heard providers say that they "heat up the wax to kill the bacteria," which is just not a thing. This would have to mean that the wax would be boiled (the wax pot doesn't even heat up that high) and the integrity of the wax would be destroyed in the process, so it's just not possible!

There is no excuse to double dip during bikini waxing services. EVER.

Gloves should always be worn to protect both the client and the provider. We obviously want to make sure that there is no way to transfer bodily fluid between the provider and client, right?! If you're in the market for a new Brazilian Wax provider make sure that there's no double dipping and gloves are worn Babe! Also- I want to just point out that any trained and licensed Esthetician knows this, so if the person you're considering going to is not doing them, there's a good chance they may not actually even be legally qualified to be performing any waxing services. You can always check the database for your states Department of Health.

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