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Dream Team: Sunscreen & Vitamin C...

It's easy to look pretty and glowy when you're under 30. There's this pesky thing called Cell Renewal Rate which is basically the rate at which your body sheds its cells and gives you new skin. Babies and small children get new skin on a fairly regular basis. Then once you get past your twenties, the CRR slows down dramatically and it's the reason that you'll notice the skin just doesn't glow the way it once did. Combine this with the effects that UV light from the sun has on our skin at the cellular level, and it's why we age the way we do.

SUNSCREEN is the cheapest and most powerful skincare product we have. It works by blocking the harmful rays from the sun that break down the skin at the cellular level. The problem is that we aren't great about using it properly. It's one of those things that I think is just too easy to be any fun, we're more interested in the new shiny product on the market. The thing is though- if you can remember to be diligent about using your sunscreen all day every day- it'll be the reason you look 25 when you're 40.

Sun damage is inevitable to some degree though, so what else do we do to help reverse it?

VITAMIN C ! is my second favorite tool. Vitamin C goes into the skin and wherever it finds an unstable cell ( made so by the UV rays of the sun) it lends an electron and stabilizes the cell. This means that the skin cells wont continue breaking down and wont make your skin sag and wrinkle. I discovered how powerful Vitamin C was on a trip to the DR when I was in my early 30's after suffering a severe sunburn. The only thing I happened to have with me was a Vitamin C serum, so I coated my face, neck, boobs, and back in it. The next morning I was in shock when I saw how the redness was almost completely gone, and the peeling had stopped in its tracks. Once I came home and did more research on it, I was floored. Vitamin C is probably the single most powerful anti-aging serum we have. And for what it costs? I cannot stress enough how magical it is, a literal DREAM TEAM!

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