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Full Brazilian Not Quite For You? There's An In between Option!

I know that for several different reasons the thought of a Full Brazilian can be overwhelming for some people. It requires you to be in such a vulnerable and exposed situation, and you're coming in to a person you've never met before. For those of you who have a naturally low pain tolerance it's a valid reason to be nervous, so there's another option for you that I think makes a lot of sense!

I offer an in between style wax called the "Extended Bikini", where the wax brings the top in to a triangle or strip and then the wax is taken in very close to the labia but doesnt remove it all the way. So the hair remains on the labia but the hair from between the tush cheeks is also removed. It's like an extreme "Traditional Bikini Wax". This way you avoid the most painful area which is in the middle of the top of the bikini area and you have an idea of what a Brazilian feels like. When your anxious, your body feels pain more intensely, so having that first wax under your belt and easing that anxiety will help you have a way more comfortable Brazilian.

There's a detailed list of my before wax prep located on my website and also in the highlights section of Instagram. That prep list is also a major factor in how painful your experience is. It's the difference between being able to talk your way through your wax and being able to say it wasn't at all what you thought it would feel like, and ending up sweating and unable to speak. I always say that your Brazilian is as painful of the prep you didn't do.

So go ahead and book yourself an "Extended Bikini" - there's nothing wrong with taking baby steps!

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