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Hey Babe! Don't Shave Between Waxes!

You've gone ahead and gotten your first Brazilian Wax- it went Fabulously, and now you're 3 weeks out and starting to get just enough regrowth that you're considering shaving.

STOP. Whatever you do-don't shave it!

What seems like not a big deal will actually cause irreparable damage to the work we just did! Once you wax, you'll notice that the regrowth is roughly half of what you're used to getting with shaving. It also dramatically thins out the root of the hair. Thus making each wax easier and easier. You'll actually get to the point where I'll be done waxing you and you barely felt it at all. SHAVING will undo everything! For some reason it triggers your hair to grow back in as if you'd never waxed, and will then make your next wax feel just like the first time.

Of course there are sometimes when you're in a situation where you need to be in a bathing suit and you aren't quite due for your Brazilian yet. You have a few options! If the growth is fairly sparse you may want to just tweeze whatever has come in. If it's more than you're comfortable with tweezing and feel that you need to shave the sides of the bikini line a bit, just try to shave as little as possible. The goal of waxing is to have as little regrowth as possible. Remember that the regrowth wherever you shave will change and come back in like you'd never waxed to begin with. The regrwoth will be itchy again, now it'll be growing in with. Shaving doesn't remove hair by the root, so the regrowth you get grows with a blunt edge, causing it to fee spikey and often irritates your skin.

The one form of hair removal I never want clients to try is hair removal cream like Nair. Too often, I've seen it really irritate the skin but not remove any actual hair. In this case it may not be apparent initially that the skin has suffered a low level chemical burn. If heat is then applied to this area, a second degree burn or worse can result. Your best bet is to just stay away from this stuff all together. Of course there are always the exception to every rule. You may have a friend who uses it all the time and they're fine! Again, you know your skin better than anyone else, so don't risk it!

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