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How To Make Your First Brazilian Wax Amazing

Don't let the horror stories that you've heard dissuade you- you can actually have a really easy first wax, you just have to prepare yourself properly! I always say that your wax will only be as painful as the prep you didn't do. Even if this isn't your first wax, and you've been waxing with another practitioner, by following my prep, you're guaranteed to have a drastically less painful experience than you're used to. I'm actually shocked by the amount of clients I've met who are actually in that second category- and literally EVERY SINGLE one tells me they're in shock by how much less painful my waxes are.

The most important thing to do is to make sure that your hair isn't super overgrown. I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad- but think about it. If your hair is super dense- it's like removing the fur off a small animal, right? Nobody would ever think that was ok- it would be cruel. Why would you do it to yourself then? The best thing to do is to shave or buzz down ( I don't care how you accomplish it- grab the buzzers if you can't shave) and then get waxed at the 14 day mark.

The night before your wax you should exfoliate using a Dry Brush, and then in the morning you'll want to avoid caffeine until after your appointment (it makes your skin sting more than it needs to), if you know your skin is really sensitive you should also take an antihistamine to avoid an allergic reaction. To give yourself a little extra comfort- take a pain reliever 45 minutes before your appointment as well. The 45 minutes is key in giving whatever you've taken enough time to actually start working, so it's kicked in when we start your appointment. These are the absolute MUSTS, but there's actually a more detailed list located on my website and then in the Highlights on my Instagram.

Brazilian Waxing is actually the most difficult wax to perform, so the level of experience of the practitioner is of huge importance. There's obviously going to be a big difference in the technique of someone who started waxing 2 months ago, versus someone who has been waxing for 10 years. The product being used really doesn't make that big a difference- at the end of the day you're still ripping the hair out of your body, so it's going to be painful. I hear over and over that my waxes- in comparison to others a client has had- are virtually painfree. I think it's a combination of my expertise (I do 13-16 Brazilians a DAY), and I use very high quality products. When you add the prep that I have my clients do, they're in the best situation possible!

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