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I'm A Master Esthetician Who Specializes In Brazilian Waxing & European Style Facials

When I decided to go to school to study Esthetics I definitely never imagined that twenty years later I would be known for my Brazilian Waxing! I envisioned myself going to work in an elegant spa everyday wearing white scrubs and dealing with clients who were always happy to see me. Before my time in school was even over though, I realized there was a huge opportunity in Brazilian Waxing. More than anything else, I've always had the heart of an entreprenuer. I knew what the statistics were in regard to how many people enroll in school for Esthetics vs. how many go on to actually work in the field...I knew that specializing in Brazilians would give me a massive group of very loyal clients, and having that base would be key.

Estheticians specifically work on the skin, understanding skin conditions and how to treat them- although we aren't legally able to diagnose conditions, we do work in conjunction with Dermatologists, referring clients to seek medical treatment when necessary. One of the most fulfilling parts of my job is helping clients catch skin cancer in it's early stages, much earlier than the client ever would've caught it on their own. I love helping my clients understand their own skin and develop skincare regimens that will help them achieve healthy, glowing skin. Your face is what everyone sees first, and the confidence that comes with clear skin is without a doubt a huge flex.

It's my job to help you understand things like the difference between AHA's & BHA's and why they're so important to keeping your skin clear. Or why Vitamin C is arguably the most important serum anyone can use to help repair damage done at a cellular level. The style of facial that I was trained in is actually not widely taught anymore and it's incredibly sad in my opinion. During a European Style Facial every product is applied using facial massage- the experience is designed to be luxurious- a treat. The newer style of facial places all the emphasis on the products being used, which was strategically done by a skincare company that started their own Esthetics School.

Clients who come in to see me and who have only ever had the new style facial, are literally STUNNED when my facial is over. I've heard over and over that they aren't sure what was done to them before, but my facial is massively different in an amazing way. Not to mention that glow that they walk out with.. My clients are routinely stopped and complimented on their skin after one of my facials. It turns out - all that facial massage actually really does tone and de-puff skin. And now I'm one of only a handful of Estheticians who know how to do it! Just another thing in my arsenal of tools that I've aquired over the years.

Having lived a little myself, I've got a great understanding of what issues women over 40 are presented with concerning their skin. I understand that you're starting to see creepiness under the eyes and your neck that wasn't there before. The same way that I understand how scary it can be for my thirty something year old clients to start seeing those first faint lines from their years of tanning. Each decade brings with it new things that we're concerned about. Aging gracefully is 100% possible, and I make sure to stay up to date with all the newest products and procedures that are available to you.

If you need a referral for something other that what I can help you with product & treatment wise, I also know some of the best surgeons and injectors around. This is what I love about the beauty industry as it stands now- I love how we all network together and help eachothers clients feel as beautiful as possible: all bringing our own specialties to the table. I know it sounds a little corny, but I am truly full of gratitude when I think of how lucky I was to find my calling so early on in life. To be 42 and have been in my industry for 20 of those years is an amazing thing.

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