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It's Time To Give Up Trying To Grow Those Brows Back In!

There comes a time when you need to accept the fact that those brows are not coming back! Luckily we're living in a day and age where microblading exists.... so this means you never have to walk around with brows that are too dark, too arched, too off, too WHATEVER!

The rule of thumb I follow is that after 30, if you don't have your brows grown back in after 2 months- they aren't coming back. At least not enough that you'd be able to reshape them. I've seen clients walk in and tell me that they've been waiting for a year and they're still holding out hope that it'll happen! A YEAR! These same people are also looking at me to reshape 9 hairs that make up their brow. It's impossible.

I myself don't offer microblading, so relax! No, I'm not trying to upsell you on a new service. I simply want you to stop walking around looking so surprised/confused/angry. Whatever the current vibe your brows of the day are giving off! These days we can even fix sperm brows! YES. Brows shaped like a comma can now be a thing of the past.

Personally I decided to have my brows done two years ago and it was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I was tired of running later every morning while trying to get them the right shade and symmetrical enough. Not to mention the amount of money I was spending on brow pomades, powders, and pencils. Microblading was actually cheaper in the long run, and I'm currently almost 2 years post my first appointment and have missed my yearly touchup twice (stupid Covid), I only fill my brows in when I have a special night out, and people routinely tell me how beautiful my brows are. If you need a referral, I'm happy to let you know who I went to or who else does the best work.

Your brows are the frame of your face, thin brows make your face appear harsh and age you. The larger and more full your brows are the more youthful you'll look. My favorite recipe to turn back the clock on a budget is to get a little botox in the forehead and crows feet & have your brows microbladed (the botox and microblading will run you $800-$1k depending on how much botox you need and where you get your microblading done). Get on a good skincare regimen and you'll be a whole new you way less than a face lift which will run you about $20k. Again, your face is your face- splurge a little and treat it the way you deserve!

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