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Love In The Time Of Covid

When I first began my career there was no such thing as online dating. People used to meet the old fashioned way. Then something interesting happened and it started to affect my clients. All of a sudden online dating became a thing, or more to the point, is that the age of the Tinder hookup became a thing. Hooking up with multiple people became easier than it had ever been before and some people turned it into more of a sport. I started to see something really troublesome happening, and I'm not talking about broken hearts.

I started to see my clients who were coming in for their Brazilian Waxes and then heading out to meet a Tinder Date ending up with issues in their bikini area. These cystic ingrown hairs that had never been an issue in the past. And some of these clients had been coming to see me for years. Then it hit me.

They were hooking up with their dates whom they weren't exclusive with. (And I can promise you that I am totally sex positive, and want you to be able to enjoy your wax as much as possible!) Taking their freshly waxed lady bits and rubbing them around the area of someone they really didn't know well. Much less whether they were sleeping with other people. All that random bacteria was causing issues.

I recently started seeing the same thing happening after everyone was locked away during the last year. Covid prevented a lot of people from hooking up for so long that people threw caution to the wind. They spent all of quarantine chatting with new prospects online and not meeting in person. Then as soon as we were given the go ahead to get back out there.... Well- they were wasting no time getting down to business. First stop Brazilian Wax- Second stop, Quarantine Dates house. I started to see the same issue happening again.

So this is just a little cautionary message about a fresh Brazilian Wax and hooking up. The best thing to do is give it at least 48 hours. I know it's tempting, but is it worth it to go through with your Brazilian Wax and then have it be messed up by ending up with an outbreak of bacteria filled ingrown hairs? Give it the 48, and then enjoy!

(This doesn't apply to those of you in an exclusive committed relationship where you know for a fact that your partner isn't sleeping with anyone else. The issue is more that if your partner possibly has a third persons bacteria on them, that can really cause an issue.)

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