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Never Had A Facial Before?

I'm often surprised by how many of my clients have never had a facial before and then also surprised by how many people never scroll through the booking app to see all the of the services I offer! The thing is, I may be known for my Brazilian Waxes, but I'm actually really pretty amazing with the skincare end of things as well. And listen, this isn't me being cocky, I love what I do for a living, and skincare was actually where this all started for me!

A legit European Style Facial is like something out of this world. Done properly, it's so much more than just having product applied to your face. In this style facial, each product is applied using "efflaurage" strokes, translated from French meaning "light touch". In massage these movements are the long, light, gliding strokes. Every product is applied using this technique and it creates a wonderful, relaxing sensation. For some reason Esthetics Schools in the 2010's decided to move away from teaching this technique in favor of a more simplified apply and remove technique made popular by the school owned by the Dermalogica Company. Their idea was that the product should be the center of attention, and they wanted everyone to be 100% clear that it wasn't the massage technique giving the clients the results they saw. In my opinion this was a colossal mistake, and it destroyed the facial experience. Clients who come in to see me often tell me that they aren't sure what they experienced before - but if what I did was what a Facial is supposed to be, then that's not what they'd had before!

In my Facials, the lights are kept dim, the client is comfortably cocooned in cozy blankets on my super cushy table (i've added thick padding, relieving clients of any back pain), and a roll under the knees for anyone with lower back issues. Once your hair is wrapped by me in a towel, I start with a little sage to clear the room of any stress or negativity. I perform a double cleanse, using the efflaurage technique for each product (that product is chosen by me based on the skin type of the client at hand), after cleansing I use either a chemical exfoliator like a gentle peel, or a physical one (think face scrub with super tiny beads). Depending on whether the client has any conditions that would be bad with too much heat, I either steam the face or use steam towels (I actually really like towels because I can be sure that the right amount of heat is applied to the skin, ensuring that the pores are open. I also use a product to help break up the clogging in the pores before I start the steam, which makes extracting a lot easier. Once the steam is done, I physically remove the clogging from your pores, using either my finger tips wrapped in cotton, or tools. Next I use the High Frequency to kill any bacteria and close pores.

The end of any facial is my favorite part- we place a warm steam towel behind the neck, apply a serum (based on the clients skins needs) using more massage, and apply an appropriate mask. Whether we want to treat firmness, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, psoriasis, eczema, or acne, I have whatever we may need. While your mask sits, I perform a wonderful decollete and arm massage, we remove any excess oil with warm towels wrapped around each arm. Then the mask is removed, moisturizer and sunscreen applied, and yes, those go on also using a decadent massage. Clients are basically a pile of jelly by the end of one of my facials. Not only is their skin glowing and radiant, but they're so relaxed, they don't want to leave! Believe me, there are times when even I'm super relaxed, and I'm the one who's been working for the last 60-90 minutes making someone else super relaxed!

Facials are amazing, but the the real magic happens with your at home care. Again, a Facial is amazing for the deep clean of your pores, and the targeted treatment with products not available to clients for purchase, so they're a great treat, but I do like to make sure my clients are using good products at home each day. Obviously, what we do each day will be more effective than a treatment we get once in awhile. Facials once a month are fine, but not necessary. Even getting one at the change of each season would be perfect. Change of season tends to be when our skin can get a little crazy, humidity levels change, so its actually the perfect time. If you want to come in more often that's completely fine too! It's really about personal preference.

So if you haven't ever had a Facial before- WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

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