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New Baby Who Dis

If you're a new mom and you find yourself struggling with feeling isolated and not feeling like you're back in the swing of things, getting back to your grooming schedule will be one of those things that really helps. Not only will it be good for the self esteem, but it's also one of those appointments that babies don't seem to mind (in my treatment room in any case). I've noticed that since I have so much black and white for colors on the walls & then the LED light, infants dig it. We've also discovered that all we have to do is put the baby carrier on the bench and slide it over a little and baby is able to see mom well and be close to her!

Clients will often text me asking if it's ok to bring them, and I LOVE having them come visit! I get my baby fix, mom gets her grooming done, and everyone is happy:) Seriously, if I had to put a number on how much of the time babies are able to make it through the appointment without losing it- it's about 95% of the time! I'm not even exaggerating. So many moms are in awe that their normally fussy baby was ok, but it's truly not an issue at all. Maybe it's all the Reiki Energy I infuse the room with or maybe it really is all the black and white color in there...whatever it is- it works! So don't be afraid to come in with your Babe if you need to!!

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