Newly Divorced? Why Self Care Is What You Need To Get You Through...

There really isn't anything as soul shattering as finally making the decision to end what was at one time all you ever wanted. And guess what?! You aren't going crazy if you feel like you seem to look as though you've aged more at the end of a divorce, Even if it wasn't a particularly nasty one, the stress that's created will leave you looking and feeling exhausted. Stress causes hormonal changes that will cause fine lines, dark/puffy undereyes, and hyperpigmentation.

If there were ever a time to practice self care regularly, THIS IS IT! The way that you look on the outside is directly related to the way you feel about yourself. The last thing you need is to feel badly about the way you look... It doesn't have to be anything huge, but even something like getting your brows groomed goes a long way. Treat yourself and get monthly facials to ensure that you're taking time out of your schedule to relax and focus on yourself! You're important & you deserve to look like the best version of yourself!

And when the time finally comes to re-enter the dating scene... Try out an

Extended Bikini or Brazilian Wax!!! Just for you! Nobody else even needs to know! Women tell me all the time that they just feel extra put together, and that even if they started getting waxed for a partner- they KEEP getting waxed because THEY like it. It makes you feel in control and sexy. It's you taking the time and making sure that you look and feel your best at all times. You're creating this new version of yourself after a divorce- might as well make her the best you possible!

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