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Silence In The Treatment Room During A Brazilian Wax? Talkesthesia Is The Way To Go!

There are a few things that I learned early on in this line of work, the most important thing is that talking throughout a Brazilian Wax is the best way to distract yourself from the anxiety and discomfort. I knew that for me, I preferred laughing and telling distracting stories when I was having my wax done- so I've always made it a point to connect immediately with my client. For so many women, this is one of the few times during the day that she can just chat and actually relax a little bit. As odd as that may sound, once we get into our conversation, you barely even feel what else is happening.

Laughing and trying to get our life updates in before the appointment time is up is always a good time. So many times I'm done doing the wax and my client is shocked that I managed to finish without her really feeling much at all. Over time, my clients began to tell me that it was amazing how my waxes just didn't seem to hurt the way other Esthetician's waxes do. Distraction is an amazing thing! I started joking that what we were experiencing was "Talkesthesia".

I've watched hundreds of clients trying to look down and see if anything is even coming out when I turn away for a second to cut more strips or grab additional waxing sticks. Since it isn't hurting the way that it has with other practitioners, they get suspicious that maybe it's because the hairs are just not coming out. They're always pleasantly surprised that they're having one of the cleanest waxes of their life.

I know there are a lot of disturbing videos online that show clients screaming and swearing, and you really have to remember that those are created to get views. Obviously, if someone were to be shown just speaking calmly through the appointment it just wouldn't be worth posting. So don't let things like that get you all wound up before coming in! Remember to check out and follow my before wax prep to do before your wax, and you'll be absolutely fine.

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