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The Male Brazilian Wax & Why I Don't Offer It

It's just an unsafe service to have on your menu. That's the long and short of it.

Years ago, Maxim ran a story on the Manzillian, and men all over New England went wild. My phone wouldn't stop ringing, and it was all men calling to ask if it were a service I offered. After turning away hundreds of men (from all over btw- Ct, NH,MA) and realizing there was a huge under-served market with the potential to make lots of money- I decided I would try it. I practiced for a few weeks on my partner and a few male friends, and then put it on my menu.

At first, I have to say, I met some of the nicest, respectful men. They truly just wanted to elevate their grooming. Some were allergic to nickle, which was giving them horrible razor burn, and all were tired of the spikey results they got with shaving- all the same reasons women turn to waxing. Then things changed.

I started to get calls from men who I could tell were speaking in some kind of weird sex trafficking code. I was completely unnerved. I'm not a kid, and I know how to handle myself, but the amount of these guys calling and asking weird things was scary. Then there were the men that I gave appointments to who came in and didn't exactly cross any boundaries, but were just a little too flirty. I became a master at deflecting and changing the subject. The problem is, you have to have way too much contact with a mans genitalia while doing a male brazilian. You have a new woman, handling a mans scrotum and his penis for a good 30-45 minutes- and it's very difficult for said man to not have a physical reaction. There is simply no way to perform this service without holding the skin it's going to happen eventually.

I've heard that a certain chain waxing salon is going to start offering Male Brazilians in all it's locations. I cannot stress what a bad idea this is. Their entire construct is based on their hiring young girls fresh out of Esthetics School. Not only are they opening the door to have illegal acts going on in their establishments, but the power dynamic there is going to be dangerously off. I worry that you have these young women who don't have a lot of experience with waxing, who need to get experience so that they can move on to higher end spas, or be able to go out on their own, and if they'll feel like they have to volunteer to put themselves in dangerous situations because their employer asks. It is unsafe, period.

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It’s too bad a few moronic perverts ruined male Brazilians for you. I’m a 47 year old maleand have been getting full brazilian waxes for almost two years. I used to shave, but it irritated my skin so bad. I no longer get ingrown hairs an the hair does not come back in near as thick. My relationship with my esthetician is professional at all times. Yes erections have occurred during our sessions but I focus on something other than what is happening and she keeps right on waxing. I definitely do not flaunt or make any comments about it. Estheticians who offer this service are far and few between in the area so I make sure nothing happe…

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