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"There's No Way She's That Busy"... Oh, But I Am!

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

I've worked extraordinarily hard to build the business that I have. I see clients who drive up to 2 hours to come see me because there simply aren't any providers who specialize in Brazilians in their area. They've tried different practitioners and have never found a place where they feel comfortable and are happy with their experience as well as the results. So I'm seeing clients from RI, CT, MA, & NH! The stories I've heard about the experiences clients have had at different places would blow your mind... Everything from going to places that double dip, a practitioner using duct tape to remove the wax (yes, you read that right- duct tape) to practitioners who've simply not spoken a word to the client once on the table!

Combine this with the fact that I've been doing this for almost TWENTY YEARS and it's not hard to understand how I can have clients booked back to back all day every day! Besides, I offer a full menu of skincare and body waxing- so there are definitely other services with much longer service times booked into my days as well. Each day is different but I can sometimes go for several days with nothing but Brazilian Waxes every 30 minutes, and then I have other days where there might be a few Facials and Full Leg waxes thrown in. By far, the most common "other" service scheduled is the Brazilian Deluxe, which is booked out for an hour (although it usually takes about 45 minutes total including the mask at the end).

I will say this, I do think that when Covid first hit and everyone was having to last minute reschedule if they thought they had it, there were a lot more last minute openings. Since that has slowed down we haven't been seeing as many of those, so keep in mind that waiting for the last minute to book isn't a great idea. I also can't watch the schedule for anyone- people text asking me to let them know if anything opens, but with the amount of traffic the site gets combined with my working back to back, makes it pretty impossible to be able to do that! This is also the reason I don't work with a cancellation list. Feel free to keep checking the schedule though, if you're flexible with times you may get lucky!


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