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What Exactly Happens During A Facial?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

I know that I'm known for my Brazilians, but I actually got into Esthetics because I wanted to help women with their skin. I always thought it was amazing to see those before and after photos of people...I couldn't believe the impact that someone who wasn't a doctor could make in the life of a person struggling. Estheticians are really the line of defense most readily available to everyone. Dermatologists are really more focused on skin cancer, and unless they own a medi-spa, they really aren't interested in your everyday issues with acne or anti-aging.

After your skin is double cleansed and exfoliated, your skin is steamed (this can be accomplished by using a steamer or hot towels) and extractions are performed. During your extractions, your Esthetician will use either their finger tips wrapped in cotton or their are also tools we can use. It's really up to the practitioner. The rule of thumb is that extractions shouldn't be done for more than 5 minutes. One of the things clients should understand is that we can't remove EVERYTHING in one go. It's unrealistic to think that coming in for one facial is going to completely remove everything- what's taken a lifetime to do is going to take a little time to get under control. *Extractions can sometimes get a little uncomfortable, just let your Esthetician (or me!) know.

Now, after your extractions are completed it's time to let go and just relax! A warm towel fresh from the towel warmer is placed behind the neck and your mask is applied... I use the Esthemax jelly masks that you may have seen on social media- they're amazing. I remember when they first came onto the market, I was really skeptical, but after trying them both on myself and my clients I was hooked. The Esthetician I go to for my facials also used them, and she was the one who got me into them. Hands down best masks ever! During your mask, a delicious decolete and upper arm massage is done-it absolutely feels like you're melting into another world....especially with the warm roll behind your neck. I do have one facial where I do Reiki while your mask sets, which is another amazing treat to give to yourself. I love the idea of working on your energy as well as your skin.

Whatever the skincare concern, they have a mask to address it, and still leave you with a beautiful healthy glow. These masks also go over your eyes- don't worry I always check to make sure you don't have any issues with claustrophobia first. If you're of the age where you're starting to be concerned with your eyes, these masks are an absolute treat, as most masks have you go around the eyelid and not over it! The skin firming masks are out of this world, so having one done before an event or special date night is a great idea. Your makeup will go on like an absolute dream after a facial, definitely something to remember. If the event is your wedding, just be sure to let your Esthetician know, so aggressive extractions can be avoided.

After you have your facial, we'll go over your at home skincare regime, because that's where you really need to be consistent. It's amazing to have the deep clean, but what you do at home will make all the difference! I can't stress it enough. Treat yourself to a quality face wash, and moisturizer at the very least. If you're able to, you'll also want to add in a gentle exfoliater 2-3 times a week, and a Vitamin C serum (morning and night under your moisturizer). Vitamin C is my secret weapon, everyone always wants to know how my skin looks the way that it does at 42, and I'm 100% sure that having used this powerful antioxidant since I was in my early 20's is what's kept it looking young and glowing. I mean Botox can keep it line free, but it can't keep your texture smooth and supple.

Again, consistency is absolutely key! Get your facials done every 2-3 months, and keep up with your at home routine. It's your face after all! You deserve to look in the mirror each day and love what you see, and anything I can do to help you get there, is my absolute pleasure!

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