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What Exactly Is A Full Brazilian?

OK. For many years you had one option when it came to bikini waxes- The Traditional Bikini as I call it. This wax is the most modest and is basically the area where the panty ends and a little off the top.

The next version is what I call, "The Extended Bikini", In this case the bikini area is taken in very close, but doesn't remove the hair inside the labia. The hair from between the tush cheeks is also removed. If the cheeks also have substantial hair on them then the client should also book a tush wax as well. The tush wax will remove the hair from the lower back and both cheeks from hip to hip.

The FULL BRAZILIAN is EVERYTHING from front to back. The client may ask for a landing strip or a triangle on the top in the front, but nothing else is left on the labia. Again, if the outer cheeks are very furry, then a tush wax should also be scheduled.

Now for me, I always go over the area and do a double check with tweezers and grab any strays or if there is a lot of new growth just coming in that was too short for the wax to be able to grab and remove.

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