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What Made Me Decide To Specialize In Brazilian Waxing??

Everyone always wants to know why I decided to specialize in Brazilian Waxes! I can honestly say that I never set out to be the go to person for this very intimate wax, but after seeing first hand how desperately it was needed, I decided to make it my thing!

When I was 17 I was rushing to get ready for a day at Narragansett Beach with my younger sister. Now, I'm notoriously slow when I get ready to go anywhere, and this day was no different. After pushing it too close to the time we needed to be on the road so that we would beat the crazy beach traffic, I grabbed the razor that was just laying on the side of the bathtub... I've got ridiculously sensitive skin to begin with, and am actually allergic to the nickle in razors (which always causes a breakout) but this day- the razor also had some pretty nasty bacteria on it. Pretty soon after I used it to shave my bikini area, I felt like I was on FIRE!!! I became completely inflamed and broke out in the most painful rash I had ever experienced.

I actually ended up needing an antibiotic from my doctor to clear it up, and I also came to terms with the fact that I wouldn't be able to shave anymore. Luckily for me though, the Esthetician who worked at the salon where I worked parttime after school took pity on me and offered to help me get rid of all of the ingrown hairs that followed the breakout. After what seemed like an hour of extracting, she looked at me and told me I was NEVER to shave again. I started getting regular Brazilian Waxes, and never had issues with ingrowns or breakouts again.

When I went to school for Esthetics I really never thought that I would end up being known for my Brazilian Waxes. Then, when we were going through the body waxing portion of our training, I realized how many of my classmates were extremely uncomfortable even doing a classic bikini wax (just the sides where the panty line ends). It was also around this time that the woman I had been going to for years retired. I was SHOCKED when I had 3 horrible experiences in a row at different places. Nice places, where they charged premium fees for their Brazilians...

I actually couldn't believe how horrible I felt leaving those places, and I made a decision as I left the last one- I would make Brazilian Waxing the thing I was known for. AND I would make sure that I would make my clients feel comfortable and beautiful leaving the most pain free Brazilian Wax of their lives.

I've been pretty successful with that if I do say so myself! I've now been specializing in the Brazilian Wax for TWENTY YEARS! My clients are everything to me, and for many of them- we've been together for more than a decade. I've done thousands of Brazilians and I can honestly say that I love what I do, and wouldn't change a thing!

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