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What's All The Hype About With The Brazilian Wax???

Ok so what exactly is the big deal with the Braziilan Wax? It's a sexy wax that's for sure, and yes that first one will be one to remember....but what exactly is all the hype about? Women shave all the time, right?! So what is it about this service that keeps women coming in every 4-5 weeks for decades? Yes maam, decades.

Well, let me clue you in on why this is the one service that women realized they couldn't live without when they weren't able to get them done during the pandemic.

First of all; after your first wax, you'll notice that you have less than half of what you usually have grow back- THIS IS AFTER JUST ONE WAX.

The second thing that's a huge game changer is that the hairs themselves thin out dramatically, taking on a soft and fine texture. Plus, since the hair is being removed by the root, there's no spikey stubble feel when the hair grows back in. Without that spikey feel, the skin isn't irritated, and is able to take on the texture that the rest of your skin has.

Brazilians are done once every 4-5 weeks, and you're not trying to contort yourself into different positions in the shower. So between the change in the texture of the hair, the time you save, and the frequency that you have it done, it's such a serious game changer.

I would be remiss if I didn't talk about the impact that waxing has in the bedroom... Oral sex is completely changed once you experience it after a Brazilian! Every person I know who finally performs oral sex on a partner who waxes after only having done so with a partner who shaves , is absolutely blown (pun intended) away at how nice and soft it is! Your skin is no longer irritated and rough. It's soft and'll notice that your partner is more likely to stay down there longer, definitely takes things to a different level.

Then there's the impact that a Brazilian Wax has on YOU. The way you feel about yourself and the boost in your self confidence. The feeling that you have after a Brazilian Wax .... EMPOWERED, SEXY, ELEGANT, PAMPERED. Taking your intimate grooming to this level is a whole new thing! Every single woman I know tells me the same thing, that they didn't realize how beautiful and put together they feel once they have their wax. That's when women realize that they can't go back to shaving, it's just one of those things- once you know better, you just can't go back!

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