When Aunt Flo *ucks Up Your Brazilian...ugh

When you decide to go on vacation you can almost be 100% sure that Aunt Flo will somehow arrive just on time for your wax! It's the most annoying thing in the world, but ask around and you'll be amazed by how many of your friends have had this happen! The good thing is that it makes no difference to me, so if you're my client there's no need to reschedule. Simply have a tampon in, and it's business as usual. If if makes you more comfortable you can always cut the string so you aren't afraid it will be pulled out.

Your period does make your skin more sensitive, so you can expect your wax to hurt a little more than usual, but nothing too intense. If you have very sensitive skin to start with, you may want to take something for for the pain and something to help prevent an allergic reaction from happening 45 minutes before your appointment. Remember that caffeine will always make your skin sting more, so you definitely want to avoid that even more than usual if you're on your cycle!

I totally get that it's not something that you would ever want to have happen, but it comes with the territory! I've been waxing for an eternity sis, it doesn't make me feel uncomfortable at all. It's a normal part of every womans life and you shouldn't have to go on your trip or on with your life without your wax being done.

I always keep extra tampons and wipes in the shop bathroom, so if you want to go in and freshen up before we start, feel free! When I tell you that I've literally done thousands of waxes for women who have a tampon in, I'm not exaggerating even a little bit. So don't ever feel embarrassed and make certainly don't go without your wax being done before your trip or event on my account!

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