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Why Chain Waxing Places Bet On The Client Being Too Stupid To Realize They're Getting Played...

What a lot of people don't realize is that chain waxing places actually pay their Estheticians using a tiered system that pays out the highest percentage based on how fast they're able to do the service. This really presents a big problem when you take into consideration the fact that chains also typically hire their employees fresh out of school with very little experience. This isn't such a horrible thing if you're talking about speed waxing a leg, but it's a horrific idea when it comes to doing a Brazilian Wax, which I would give a 10 out of 10 when it comes to the degree of difficulty.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and there's a learning curve for sure, but most of us, we would prefer it not be with our vaginas! Again, I take no issue with the fact that these practitioners need to get experience, what I take issue with is the fact that they're racing through a wax they aren't skilled enough to be speed waxing through. The result will be that your client is full of ingrown hairs, the pain experienced during the wax will be unnecessarily bad, and they'll most likely be left with a lot of missed areas. You shouldn't have to leave and go home and shave! I hear the horror stories over and over. From clients being told their hair is "too coarse to wax", to clients simply being sent home with large areas unwaxed.

At the end of the day, it's most likely going to be up to the Esthetican in this scenario to take it upon themselves to pace themselves when they're starting out. You simply will not be skilled enough to do a 15 minute Brazilian Wax fresh out of school- even now, with my clients who have been waxing for over a decade with me, we're typically around 20 minutes because you'll want to chat a little bit and catch up! The goal should be to give the client the best wax and best experience possible. Giving your client a stellar experience is what builds loyalty, not getting them out in record time. And guess what- if you don't have client loyalty, then you will never build a clientele. You'll get people through the door one time and one time only, and that will be why you fail to build a clientele of your own.

If you're a new Esthetician please understand that you'll need to practice hundreds of more hours before your Brazilian Waxes start to become second nature. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Invest in more education- look for classes being offered to help you get better. It takes time, but eventually you'll be there!

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