Yes Babe! You Can Wax While Pregnant!

So as you can see from the title here, waxing while you're pregnant is 100% ok, in fact, it'll actually be really nice for you to take a little extra time for yourself🤗 There are just a few things you should know though!

  • Everything swells down below while you're pregnant, so between that and increased blood flow there, your skin will be more sensitive.

  • Waxing should be done throughout the entire time, so you don't end up with an overgrowth situation.

  • First time Brazilians shouldn't be done after the first trimester due to the increased sensitivity.

  • It's a good idea to schedule your final wax about a week before your due date in case you go a little early.

After giving birth, you can start back up again after 6 weeks for a vaginal birth and 12 weeks for a c-section.

After giving birth is a tough time for everyone. You're exhausted, you're overwhelmed, and you'll be bleeding for awhile. This is why it's a really great idea to get your wax in before having the baby! I always tell my clients that whatever you can do to help yourself feel a little like the old you- you should do! Everyone and everything is so focused on the baby, so doing things to pamper yourself are super important. Plus, once it's ok to have sex again, you'll want to be ready to go mama!

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