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Yes, You're Nude From The Waist Down

Different practitioners do things differently, but when my clients come in, you should be prepared to be nude from the waist down. Yes, there are those paper panty things that you can wear, but all they really do is get in the way and slow the wax down- and who wants to be there any longer than they need to??? Not me, not you.

I purposefully keep the treatment room dimly lit so that you feel more comfortable. There's no need to make women feel like they're on display in a brightly lit sterile room. The room is dimly lit, everything is off from the waist down, my gloves are on, and we're good to go. I use an LED light to see what I need to see, and after your wax is finished, I typically have women say that it was so much less painful than what they've experienced before OR if it was their first wax, they routinely say that it was not at all as painful as they thought it would be.

Remember, I do anywhere from 13 to 16 Brazilian Waxes a DAY. Not week- DAY. So I literally have seen everything there is to see. I don't even register what your nether region even looks like anymore, I've been doing this for 20 years, and I have one of my very own. So there is absolutely nothing to worry about! There's no judgement here, and I'm just trying to do my job in the shortest amount of time in the least painful possible way!

See You On The Table!



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