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You Deserve Allll The Things You've Ever Wanted

This post isn't my usual, this isn't about skin or waxing. This is for the woman who is feeling a little broken tonight, thinking that she's destined to be alone. That she isn't worth taking care of, or being the only one in his life. The woman who thinks she's too old, too fat, unworthy, and unwanted. This is to remind you that all of those things that have been put in your head are a false narrative. They aren't real. They aren't true.

You are here right now reading this because the universe has conspired to have you here at this moment reading this. And the universe wants you to know that you are 100% worthy of love and kindness. You're worth taking care of. Worth taking the time to find what makes you happy now. Because the universe wants you to have all of the things you've ever drempt of.... It's just that somewhere along the way, a part of you broke, and that sliver of hurt allowed all of these untrue beliefs in. They sat and festered and wore you down inside. Until you couldn't help but believe them. They are just as untrue today as they were the first time they snuck into your heart. They simply are not true. I promise.

There will be a day when you wake up and it hurts a little less than it did before. You'll stop having the sadness cripple you into not being able to get out of bed. You'll start wanting to put some makeup on and have your hair done again. You'll start wanting to smile a little more than you want to cry. You'll have more days like this, and more nights when you no longer cry yourself to sleep... This new you will want to come back and live again, and little by little you'll reemerge as this new woman. This new woman will be a little wiser and have a new perspective on a lot of things. You'll start to see that the pain you endured helped you to grow.

And don't get me wrong, it's going to take time, but you will be made whole again. So allow yourself to do what you need to do to heal. Take the baby steps you need to feel safe. Be open to the new woman you've transitioned into... and I'll see you soon.

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