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You've Been Waxing For Years But NEVER Done This Prep?

It happens pretty regularly,,, I get a new client in who has been waxing for several years with another person, but they've never mentioned the before wax prep. If we're lucky, you've come across my website or IG page and you've done it for your first wax with me. I hear the same thing over and over again- that my waxes are just so much less painful than other practitioners.

Yes, a large part of the difference is that my technique really is that much better, but the other thing that makes a difference is the prep that I have you do before you come in.

  • Having the proper hair length helps me be able to wax you quickly and with less tweezing afterwards.

  • Exfoliating is what helps lessen the level of sting you experience. Having a lot of dry/dead skin makes the wax stick more than it needs to.

  • Caffeine in your system makes your skin much more sensitive and will also heighten the stinging sensation.

  • Alcohol in your system will thin your blood. This will result in bruising and bleeding.

  • Waxing while pregnant is definitely possible, but understand that due to the swelling in the area while pregnant and the increased blood flow to the area, you'll be a lot more sensitive.

  • If possible try not to wax while you're on your cycle- as your skin is more sensitive.

  • If you're taking any medications that tell you not to be out in the sun this means you should also avoid waxing

  • Overgrowth of hair should also be avoided. IF the hair is very dense (meaning that you can't see the skin below the hair), not only will this be very painful to remove; you'll end up with ingrown hairs from hair breaking and coiling back in. You also run the risk of hair becoming clumped together and stuck.

It always amazes me that so many Estheticians neglect to go over these Before Waxing Tips! Not only do they make a world of difference for the client, but for the Esthetican as well!!! I don't know about you guys, but when given the choice of having a client in and out in 20 minutes and able to laugh through a conversation vs. 35 minutes of a client in extreme pain and barely breathing, I'll take the first option EVERY TIME.

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