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Your Cheating Man Is Causing Those Bacterial Outbreaks Sis...

One of the hardest things for me to do is sit back and not say anything to my clients who are struggling with their relationships, and also struggling with bacterial breakouts. Cheating partners=cystic breakouts. I started to notice this trend years ago, but the thing that makes this particular situation so hard is that I'm also usually one of the people that clients feel comfortable talking to about their relationship issues with... So I'd never want to overstep a boundary and suggest that this may be what's happening! Even though I'm also usually right.

The problem is that if the person you're having sex with is also having sex with other people, they're inadvertently transferring foreign bacteria over. This is especially problematic if you've recently had a Brazilian Wax. After a fresh wax your pores are more open, and then having someone rubbing their bacteria ridden area all over yours is going to end badly for YOU. This situation will often look like cystic ingrown hairs, or sometimes the pore will simply become full of bacteria and inflamed with no hair inside. Usually you'll notice that you've also been getting a lot of UTI's also.

Obviously once the relationship ends and the sex is finally a thing of the past, the bacterial breakout situation ends as well! It may require a round of antibiotics, but at least it's not something you're stuck with for forever! Just get yourself a dry brush, and exfoliate the rest of what that cheating mf left behind!

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