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Your First Wax After Baby 🤱

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Having a baby is one of the most amazing things you'll ever go through. As beautiful a time as it is, it can also be one of the most difficult times in a woman's life. Postpartum your body still feels like it's not quite yours again. Your belly is still jiggly, your boobs are aching and spraying all over the place, and you've been bleeding for several weeks. So going in for your first wax after your sweet little baby arrives is a really big deal! It'll be one of the first times you get yourself into some regular clothes and out the door to do some self care!

For anyone who has a vaginal birth you can schedule your first wax back at the 6 week mark, and for those who had a c-section, usually 10-12 weeks. It's important to listen to your body and if you have any questions as to whether or not it's ok, ask your doctor! Remember that you'll bleed for several weeks after giving birth, so I strongly suggest that you get that last wax before delivery in before baby arrives- this is one of those times that planning ahead will make a huge difference later on.

This is one of those times that having my treatment room dimly lit really makes a differnece to the client. Nobody wants to feel like they're completely illuminated while they're naked, I don't care if they've recently given birth or not! I always try to give us a few minutes to chat and catch up and talk about how mom is feeling before we start our service. I know how isolating it can be to have a new baby at home, so it's nice for mom to have a little adult conversation! It's also nice for her to be able to bring baby with her to the appointment if she wants to. The baby is most likely just going to be sleeping anyway, so I always tell new moms that baby is welcome to come along as well.

If the client has had a c-section then she's going to be hyper aware of the incision site, some women lose feeling in the area, but some actually have the opposite happen. For women who have more pain or who have issues with scar tissue, the thought of anything coming close to the incision is terrifying! So I always offer a towel to put over it so that she can hold her belly down when I'm working in that area, she'll feel a lot better not worrying that she might accidentally be ripped open. There are some clients who have such extreme hypersensitivity in the area that I simply go as close to the scar as possible and then I just let her shave the rest at home.

It's so nice for new mothers to have the chance to get out of the house and have some time that's all about her. There's nothing better than a fresh wax, and believe me, that fresh wax after baby is one of the best feelings in the world!

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